How to create java Project?

Step 1 – Download Eclipse IDE

Download latest version of “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers” here. Be sure to choose correctly between Windows 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions.

Install Eclipse

Run Admisistrator-click on the file to Install the Eclipse.

A new window will open. Click Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.

Click on install

After that, a new window will open which click button marked 1 and change path to “C:\eclipse”. Post that Click on Install button marked 2.

Launch Eclipse

After successful completion of the installation procedure, a window will appear. On that window click on Launch.

Step 2 – Configure Eclipse IDE

  1. Launch the “eclipse.exe” file inside the “eclipse” folder that we extracted in step 2. If you followed step 2 correctly, the executable should be located on C:\eclipse\eclipse.exe.
  2. When asked to select for a workspace, just accept the default location.

Create new java project

3. Create a new project through File > New > Java Project. Name the project as “newproject”.

Project name and Project lay out

A new pop-up window will open enter details as follow

  1. Project Name
  2. Location to save project
  3. Select an execution JRE
  4. Select layout project option
  5. Click on Finish button

Write package name

  1. Right-click on the newly created project and
  2. Select New > Package, and name that package as “newpackage”.

A pop-up window will open to name the package,

  1. Enter the name of the package
  2. Click on Finish button

Create new class

 Create a new Java class under newpackage by right-clicking on it and then selecting- New > Class, and then name it as “MyClass”. Your Eclipse IDE should look like the image below.

Write Class name

  1. Name of the class
  2. Click on Finish button

Class view

This is how it looks like after creating class.


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