How to install and set path

How to install java jdk 11.0.7?

Step 1: Go to this link Oracle

Step 2: After click jdk download then scroll down :

After scroll down download jdk 11.0.7

Step 3: After install then path set click program files

How to set java path?

After install then path set:- See the bellow-

Step 4: Go to java in program files

See the picture:

Step 5: Click the jdk-11.0.11 then click bin

Click the jdk-11.0.11:

Click bin: 

Step 6: Copy this path

Copy this path:

Then type here: edit the system environment variables

Step 7: Go to environment variable and copy the path

Click new and variable name is -> JAVA_HOME & variable value is -> path till jdk-11.0.11:

Select path and Edit:

Click new and past path till bin that’s it:>

Click ok.

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